Remote Monitoring

Eatec Dynamics has developed a continuous remote monitoring system and service that is readily expandable to meet different monitoring needs and individual requirements. Using our expertise, your remote data is analysed and interpreted to guide your decisions, fulfil legal obligations, and avoid costly mistakes.

Typical Remote Monitoring Use

Example scenarios include short- or long-term noise and vibration monitoring, across a variety of sectors and services.  This includes: construction and demolition sites, industrial operations, key infrastructure, and structures of historic and special significance.

Multi-functional, the remote monitors are designed to enable a robust and cost-effective data capture and reporting process.

Bespoke Design and Industry Compliance

The design includes the primary measurement device (e.g. a microphone for noise, an accelerometer for vibration), linked to on-site data processing and telemetry.  A micro-pc controls the data capture and wifi or mobile network uplink of processed metrics for further off-site analysis.  Alerts and exceedance warnings can be set to design, industry, or regulatory criteria.

The system is calibrated according to the appropriate industry or compliance standard, allowing traceable and confident data measurement.

The monitors are fully expandable to multiple channels and synchronisation, and to incorporate wider environmental parameters (e.g. temperature, humidity, wind speed).

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